Unlimited access to ayam courses so you can discover the best version of yourself.

We’ll join you through every ayam course in discovering how to enjoy the path of self-exploration and self-realization.

What will you learn?

It is a great opportunity for you to learn life skills, meditations and mindfulness techniques with the latest studies in neuroscience and neurobiology.

Membership benefits

· Unlimited access for one year to all courses for $249.

· No time limit for your wellness. Take each course at your own pace.

· Two 1:1 sessions with our Facilitators (Conscious Parenting and Overcoming a Crisis).  


"I love the content of ayam. It has helped me learn at my own pace and make meditation part of my life; I am very grateful."



"I love ayam’s programs because they teach you valuable and wise theory and include practices that help you integrate what you learned. They are complete and well designed. I highly recommend them!"

-María Inés


"These courses changed my life for good. That's why now, I dedicate my life to this so that others can benefit too."


Meet Leo

Dr. Leo Rastogi has served humanity in more than 70 countries; from building non profit organizations to building award-winning businesses with footprints across 22 countries. He has been featured on magazine covers, climbed sacred mountains, led retreats in the birthplaces of civilizations, served on corporate boards, mentored emerging entrepreneurs, consulted with global businesses and studied with enlightened masters. All of this made possible by his deep desire of serving humanity by adding value to the world in the area of health and wellbeing. With his work and teachings, Leo Rastogi never fails to remind us that "life is good".

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I pay a montlhy subscription?

No, you only pay once, and have access to all courses for a complete year.

I changed my mind, and I want to unsubscribe, is it possible?

Yes, you can unsubscribe, your access to all courses will be canceled, but you won´t get any money refound.

Can I take the 1:1 included session whenever I want?

Yes, just check the availability in the calendar to schedule your session.

Will the 1:1 be face-to-face?

No, at the moment, all 1:1 sessions with Facilitators are via video call.

If new courses are released, will I still have access to them?

Yes, during the whole year of your membership, you will have access to all the new courses that we will be releasing on the platform.